Property Management
Giving your property for management means that you will rid yourself from the hassles of finding tenants to lease your property, collecting and depositing rental cheques, follow-upon bounced cheque cases, arranging for property maintenance and other responsibilities that you have to take care of being a landlord. We will take care of all this for you so that you can reap in return from your investments with peace of mind.

With a vast portfolio of properties under management, our staff are highly trained in all aspects of managing properties and we ensure that we deliver our best services to you and get best returns for you and your property. Our services are especially appreciated by our overseas clients for whom we handle additional responsibilities such as cheque depositing, money writing, etc.

Why Property Management with MEREC?
We work hard every day to make life of our clients better and happier
High quality tenants
Shorter vacancy periods
Better tenant relationships
Tighter rent collection processes
Lower maintenance and repair costs
Increase in value of your investments
Handling of legal issues
Higher rental returns
Our Services
Property Management & Snagging
  • We will arrange for the handover of your property from the developer
  • We will conduct the snagging work on your property to esnsure that it is delivered in a flawless state
  • We will market your property to our exiting and prospective database
  • Online and print advertisement for your property
  • Utilizing our vast agency network to ensure that your property is leased out within a short period of time
Money Management
  • Collecting rental cheques
  • Depositing rent to local accounts or writing money to your nominated account in another country
  • Following-up on any bounced cheque cases with the local authorities
  • Dispute resolution as per the local laws ( RERA)
  • Legal consultaion if required
  • Maintenance and other services
  • Prompt emergency repair or maintenance services
  • Handling the electricity, water district cooling accounts on behalf of landlord
  • Other property related services
Tenant Management
  • Follow up with the tenant regarding renewals and property maintenance
  • Inspection of property upon vacation
  • Security deposit refund and management
Our Contacts
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